This feature allows you to upload a CSV file of your upcoming tests and the system will use that data to generate all the required Skate Canada paperwork for your test day, including:

  • Judges Bureau Submission Form (Preliminary and Final numbers)
  • Test Sheets for each of your tests
  • Test Summary Sheet of all your tests
  • Test Submission Information Sheet

An example upload file can be found here or an example with all possible tests can be found here.

There are four steps to the process:

  1. Create your CSV file.
  2. Specify test day parameters.
  3. Upload the file.
  4. Download all of the PDF files for your test day.

Begin Generating Test Chair Forms >>

Our full test management system provides complete functionality for preparing for a test day. It allows:

  • coaches to submit and pull test requests
  • test chairs from other clubs to submit and pull test requests
  • coaches to review all the submitted test request and check the payment status for their skaters's tests
  • coaches from other clubs to pull their skaters' test requests
  • skaters to review, select and pay by credit card for the tests they intend to try
  • test chair to manage preliminary and final numbers
  • test chair to review, pull, delete, or add tests
  • test chair to generate required paperwork including Judges Bureau Submission Form, test sheets, Test Summary Sheets and Test Submission Information sheet.
  • the system to automatically notify skaters when a test has been submitted for them
  • the test chair to send reminder notices to skaters that haven't paid for tests
  • the test chair charge hospitality fees to non-member skaters
  • the test chair to add other additional fees as required